PDF Recommendations for Price Books

I’m going to share the settings I find useful when viewing the WSD price books in Adobe Acrobat. Please be aware that these settings work with my monitor size and configuration and you may not experience or like my preferred settings. I encourage you to find the settings that work best for you.

Click on the images below to see enlarged screenshots.

Two-Page View

I recommend using the two-page view for viewing the PDF file. It makes it feel like you are looking at the full book with front and back printing. 

Zoom Setting – Page Level

Zoom settings are completely dependant on your setup. I like the Page Level zoom setting because it fits the entire page onto my screen. While my eyesight has gotten worse, I can still see numbers at a pretty small level. You might find zooming to fit the width more your style.

Use Bookmarks

Bookmarks make navigating through a 148-page price book much easier. Want to see PL slider prices – click on the link. Want to get to parts pricing, click on the Parts Index in the Parts & Sundries section to quickly navigate to those pages.