Mirror and More

  • All purpose cleaner
  • Non-streaking, economical and refillable
  • Enviromentally Safe
  • Safe for most cleaning jobsAvailable in 24 oz. refillable spray bottles and five gallon bag in a box



Bruce’s Glass Water Spot & Stain Remover

Removes water spots and stains, alkali and mineral deposits from windows, mirrors, tile, chrome and porcelain.



Sparkle Cleaner

Cleans, polishes, brightens, and beautifies. Does those tough glass cleaning jobs that spray-on products fail to do. Cleans storm windows and doors, glass stained by aluminum screens, weather and pollution. Excellent for shower doors, bathroom and kitchen tile.




Mallory Shower Wiper

A squeegee is recommended for cleaning the shower and or tub after every use. The regular maintenance reduces the need for scrubbing and use of harsh chemical cleaners.


Invisible Shield


Invisible Shield

A surface protector that repels water, soil, soap & minerals. Works on glass, sinks, tubs, tile & more. One application lasts for six to eight weeks.


AfterCare for Shower Glass


AfterCare for Shower Glass

All-in-one specialized cleaner, disinfectant and conditioner for the routine maintenance of shower glass.


Wisconsin Shower Door Warranties

Wisconsin Shower Door & Supply Corp. will guarantee installation against leakage for a period of one year after installation. Materials, with the exception of glass and vinyl, have a non-transferable warranty for five years from the date of purchase. Defected materials replaced after initials first year will be subject to a labor charge. Glass is not warranted.

Mirrors carry a one year warranty against silvering defects resulting in discoloration, black spots or clouding of the silver film. The warranty will be void if exposed to foreign materials or solutions such as but not limited to cleaning products or painted walls that may contain ammonia or any other solutions that can react to the mirror backing. Mirrors are not warranted against breakage.