06/27/22 – Price Increase

Late last week, one of the major suppliers of flat glass products sent an unprecedented price increase to US & Canadian customers. The price increase was also given with short notice, leaving us scrambling in response. We have contacted all our other suppliers to assess their position. Right now, our other suppliers are holding their prices, but we may have to act quickly if additional industry changes are made.

On June 27, a price increase will be targeted at the affected products. Our goal is to be as narrow as possible in passing along these increased costs. The new pricing is available on the Dealer Portal page. The nature of this price increase has caused us to evaluate and shorten the valid quote duration to 15 days.

Just as we have been reviewing the Energy Surcharge, we will continue to do so considering last week’s announcement. We will closely monitor and make any necessary adjustments to keep our energy surcharge in line with the rising energy costs used to manufacture glass.

We will keep you informed as best as we can on the changes in the glass industry and will strive to keep our response as narrow as possible.

We thank you and appreciate your continued business with Wisconsin Shower Door!