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This page lets all our dealers know of recent changes in the industry, products, and pricing.

Please review each of the following bulletins.

2017-May May 31 - Due to production changes Wisconsin Shower Door has modified its requirements for pattern fabrication. Please see the attached memo which outlines the changes.
2017 - March

March 17 - Wisconsin Shower Door is adding a new glass storage system and new cutting and breakout table to allow for greater production capacity and employee safety.

This production remodel will shift our delivery dates and inventory supplies while the new equipment is being installed. Please see the memo and remodel schedule for details of the changes being made.


August 2 - Wisconsin Shower Door is currently not offering Guardian's ShowerGuard due to the product failing to meet WSD's quality standards. We are working with Guardian to conduct product investigations.

We are happy to continue offering the ClearShield application to meet your surface treatment protection requirements.

May 20 - Due to supply chain limitations, we have made the following change to our flat glass inventory. Split sheet charges apply and require one (1) production day to process and will not be available for next day delivery.

  • 1/8” GNA stock sheet size is now 59 x 83

May 17 - Corrections have been made to the Flat Glass & Sundries products pricing. Please see this link for the changes that have been made. These updates have been made to the electronic pricing copy.

May 4 - Effective May 8, 2016 - New Energy Surcharge changes. Please see this link for more information.


April 29 - The updated Flat Glass Price Book is now available. Pricing will be effective starting May 8, 2016. Shower Door pricing (including multipliers) remains unchanged.

April 22 - New Flat Glass, Shower Door & Sundries products pricing will be effective starting May 8, 2016. Please see this link for more information.


July 20 - A Shower Enclosure Multiplier Guide is now available. Reference this sheet for a quick guide on multipliers and how they apply to the various sections in your Retail Shower Enclosure Price Book.

July 9 - 1/8" Traditional Glue Chip is no longer available.

July 6 - The updated price books are now available for distribution. Pricing will be effective starting July 13, 2015.

July 2 - Coming Soon - WSD In-House Tempering! We have purchased a new tempering oven! See this bulletin for more information.

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